Alice Dandy


Alice was born 4 Oct 1802 in Eccleston, Lancasire,England daughter of James Dandy and Elizabeth Ogden. Alice married John Ollerton in 1823. They were converted to the Morman Religion in England and they left England in 1856 bound for Salt Lake City, UT on the Ship “Horizon” led by Edwin Martin. They brought three daughters with them; Alice, Jane Ann and Sarah. Their other living children remained in England.


They safely arrived in Boston and reached Iowa City, IA by rail on July 8, 1856. The group was delayed in Iowa City to a lack of hand carts and tents. They helped build the handcarts and make the tents, but the Edwin Handcart Company did not leave until July 28, 1856. This late departure caused the company to run into heavy and cold winter storms. Because of the storm delays, the cold weather and the lack of food, many of the group parished before rescue parties could arrive from Salt Lake.


Alice died at Sandy Creek in Wyoming on 20 Nov 1856. Her Husband John Ollerton died on the 12 Nov 1856 at Three Crossings of the Sweetwater River, Wyoming. Their daughter Alice died on 30 Dec 1856 as she arrived into Salt Lake City. Daughters Sarah and Jane survived and made it to Salt Lake City.


John and Alice's son Seth came to America 8 years later with his wife and children. His wife Jane Rogerson also died en route to Utah at Sweetwater near the Green River WY. near the place Seth's parents John and Alice died 8 years earlier.








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