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How to Submit Information to This Website


This site is about the descendants of John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell Family. You are welcome to submit any information or your relatives who are descendants or are married to descendants of John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell.


Please submit the following information:


Birth Date

Married Date

Date of Death

Family Tree of how they are related to John and Lucy


Photographs (Color or black and white). I prefer pictures from the younger times in their life. I can crop pictures from a group if necesswary. Please use JPEG Format. Please label the pictures so I know what it is.


Biography: Please include all information you know and what you have heard or read from others. If possible please list from who or where you got this information. I will include on the webpage from where the sources came from. Family Stories are encouraged.


If you provide information on the page for relatives that are currelty living please make sure you have their permission to be on this webpage.


I also have a tab for additional pictures if you have them of your relatives and their families.


I also have a tab for documents which can be newspaper articles, marriage certificates, Obituaries, Churck Records, etc.


email information to me: John Michael Leavitt "Mike"


I would like to hear from you and would appreciate any comments, corrections, etc. for this webpage.


Please add this page to your favorites and please link this page to any of your webpages. If you have webpages which relate to the John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell Family I would be happy to link it to this page.




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