John Quincy Leavitt Documents



1. Reprint of Salt Lake Tribune Article August 18, 1878 Anouncing the marriage of John Quincy Leavitt to Harriet Amelia Folsom Young:



Salt Lake Tribune August 18, 1878
Harem Notes:

Brother Leavitt Gobbles Amelia and Her $10,000



Nearly a year has passed since the fatal green corn and peaches And creator robbed the world of one of its grandest men, and the Saints of their greatest profit. But it does not become an Elder in Israel to morn his loss. No, that would be wicked.  It would be lifting the mortal hand of man against God.  But these sad thoughts well up and slop over, because I see him we all loved, so soon forgotten.  All his wives who perfectly adored him, some hjow or other, feel awful good now – feel like cows in the spring time with grub worms in their backs. Why is it? Sister Twiss and Brother Albert Carrington were to have been married months ago, but they vowed and could not.Lucy Bigelow and Brother McAllister did better than that, and now Sister Amelia has been taken in tout of the storm by Brother John Leavitt, the general passenger agent on the Utah Central Railroad. It was done last Thursday in the House of the Lord.  First Sister Leavitt was present and gave Amelia to her husband for time, but did it amid floods of tears.  She was taken home as soon as the ceremony was over and brother John Spun around town with his horse and buggy just as though n othing had happened, until dark, since which time I have not seen him or her, and I am now under the impression that they have both gone off. Young people will spend their honey moons, you know, Brother John and there is no stopping it even in polygamy where it is purely a divine ordinance.














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