Edith Haslam Young


Edith Haslam Young Edith Haslem Young was born on 12 Aug 1890 in Salt Lake City and is the Daughter of John Joseph Haslam and Sarah Entwistle. She was married on 23 September 1907 to Bryant Lynn Young in Mona, Juab County, Utah.


She had 13 Children: Edith Evelyn born Sept. 21, 1907, Bryant Haslem born Sept. 15, 1909, Lydia Helen Sept. 10, 1911, Lynnette Matilda Oct. 6, 1912, Lorna Doone Feb. 24, 1914, Lynn Edwin Nov. 25, 1915, Donald Keith July 26, 1919, Beth Darlene Oct. 18, 1920, Betty Lou March 17, 1922, Phyllis Jean Sept 18, 1923, Dorothy Lee Oct. 12, 1924, Harry Richard June 17, 1926, Donna Rhoda May 31, 1927.


Her Husband Bryant died of a cerebreal hemorrage on 23 June 1946 in Salt Lake City.


Edith Haslam Young was my grandmother and I remember her tending me and my brother and sister when mom and dad went out and wanted to get away from us kids. I remember her being a very kind and loving person and she taught us to play Canasta and we would watch TV. Her favorite show was wrestling and she laughted a lot when we watch wrestling.


She suffered from diabetes and has lung cancer and was in the Salt Lake County Hospital for a long time before she passed away on March 21, 1957. I remember my mom (Lynnette) or one of her siblings stayed at the hospital every night until she passed away.
















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