Jane Rogerson


Jane was Born 5 Mar 1827 in Preston, Lancashire, England daughterof William Rogerson and Mary Farren Harrison. Jane married Seth Ollerton in England. It is assumed Jane and Seth's Family and siblings joined the Mormon Church the same time their parents did in 1856, but decided to come to Salt Lake City to be with the Mormons at a later date.


Jane, Seth and family safetly made it to Omaha Nebraska in 1864 and came to Salt Lake City of the William S. Warren Wagon Train. With Jane and Seth was their daughters, Ann age 21, Elizabeth ann age 15, Ellen age 12 and their sons, Seth William James age 14, James age 8, William age 5 and Robert age 3. Seth's brother John Dandy Ollerton also came to America about the same time, but came to Salt Lake on a different wagon train, Joseph S. Rawlins Co.


The William S. Warren Company left Omaha on 21 July 1864 and arrived in Salt Lake City on 4 Oct 1864. During the trip Jane Rogerson died near Sweetwater near Green River, Wyoming and was buried there. Ironically this was very close to where Seths parents, John and Alice Ollerton had died 8 years prior.








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