John Adams


John Adams was the son of James Adam and Betsey Leavitt, the daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah Shannon Leavitt. He was born March 5, 1836 in Stanstead, Quebec, a year before the family left Canada to join with the Saints.


He was baptized in 1843, and emigrated to Utah in 1852 in the James Allred Company. He married Flavilla Leavitt on April 20, 1862 at age 26. She died a year later. He married two more times: to his cousin Marietta Chamberlain, daughter of Franklin Chamberlain and Rebecca Leavitt, in 1863 and to Elizabeth Cleveland in 1881. There is a John Adams of Centerville that was charged with unlawful cohabitation (polygamy).


He died October 7, 1901 and is buried in the Centerville, Utah cemetery.






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