Photos John Leavitt

Below are sample pictures of John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell's Family plus some other pictures from John Deacon Leavitt.

Leavitt Homestead
John leavitt Birth Place Hatley Quebec
Leavitt Homestead 133 Leavitt Street Hingham MA
John Leavitt Birthplace Hatley, Quebec
Cambria MI Cemetery
Cambria MI City Hall
Cambria MI Cemetery near John Leavitt's land. Not sure if he is buried or on his land with son Thomas. Cambria MI City Hall near or on John Leavitts property.
Map showing Cambria MI
Leavitt Group Winters Quarters
Map showing Cambria, MI where John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell Settled on their way to Zion
Leavitt Group at Winter Quarters
John Q Leavitt and Cynthia
Lyman Utley Leavitt
John Quincy Leavitt is 3rd son of John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell. Lyman Utley Leavitt is 2nd son of John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell. Not sure if middle name is Utley.




















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