Photos Lyman Utley Leavitt

These are pictures of the Lyman Utley Leavitt family plus other pictures from the Leavitt family ancestors.

Ellen Adell Brown and Lyman Utley Leavitt abt 1870


Ellen Adell Brown
Ann Eliza Hakes Leavitt
Kanosh Indians
Lyman Leavitt in Arizona
Leavitt Ranch
Lyman's Early Arizonza Home

Leavitt Ranch

Lyman Leavitt Early Arizona Home

Lyman Leavitt Grave Stone Pine AZ
Lyman Leavitt Home in PineAZ
Lyman U. Leavitt Grave Stone Pine AZ

Lyman Leavitt Home Pine AZ

Lyman Leavitt Age 30
Lyman Utley Leavitt

Lyman Utley Leavitt Age 30

Lyman Utley Leavitt is 2nd son of John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell. Not sure if middle name is Utley.

Alla Eliza Hakes and Parents

Brigham Young and Party Big Muddy
Ellen Brown and Daughters
Ellen Adell Leavitt
Ellen Brown and Lyman Leavitt
Ellen Brown Grave and Obituary
Florance Debrah Leavitt
George Wilford Leavitt
James Elbert Leavitt
Joseph Collins Leavitt
Lasvern Leavitt John Rowe Leavitt
Lucinda Leavitt and Husband
Lyman Elroy Leavitt
Lyman Hakes Leavitt and Lucy Pearl Leavitt
Lyman Leavitt and Mother Lucy Rowell
Mabel Clair Leavitt and Avis LaVern Leavitt
Reuban Brown and Wife Deborah Eno
Reuben Brown Ellen Brown Father
Uncle Joseph's Family Mesa AZ


















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