Leavitt Family Sources of Information



I want to thank my many relatives who assembled the History of the Leavitt Family. Although it is impossible to list all sources because some are unknown, below is a list of contributors that are known:


Janese Christensen who assembled a CD rich with pictures and information about the Leavitt Family. Many of the pictures and information on this website came from this wonderful source.


"Along the Trail, with the Family of John and Lucy Rowell Leavitt" by Joyce brown-Willis, with the help from Janice Brown-Hollingshaud (great-great-granddaughters)


"Biography of Charlette Lane Leavitt" by Lura L. Chambers Wright May 27, 1965


"A Genealogy of The Rowell and Allied Families" Begun 1935 Finished 1940 by Henry Kent Kilburn, 1898 Eleventh Generation Descendant from THOMAS ROWELL of Salisbury, Mass.



"Tribute to John Leavitt and to his daughter Cinderilla, and grandsons Horace Brown and Barney Alfred Brown" by Janese Christensen Given Sept. 15, 2003 to members of Western Association of Leavitt Family Legacy Trip


"A SHORT HISTORY OF ELLEN ADELL BROWN LEAVITT " Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Camp Tip-Top,Venice, Sevier County, Utah.  Read by Daughter June L. Christensen, January 1957.


Janice Brown Hollingshaus, handwritten "History of Lucinda Leavitt Brown", 2003


"From Hatley to Home, A Leavitt Family Chronicle of Two Generations", written by William P. Leavitt.


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