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The John Leavitt Family encourage all Leavitt Descendants to become members and support the two Leavitt Organizations listed below.


Western Association of Leavitt Families

This is an excellent website for the Leavitt Families that have moved to the Western Part of the U.S. and starts with the Fifth Generation of Deacon John Leavitt, who is our first ancestor to come to the North America. It includes all descendants of Jeremiah Leavitt I and Sarah Shannon.

Also has Facebook Sight:


National Association of Leavitt Families, Inc.

This is the National Website for the Leavitt Families descendants of John Leavitt of Hingham, MA and Thomas Leavitt of Hampton, MA.


Additional Sites


Leavitt Family History


This is a web page that focuses on the family history and genealogy of John Quincy Leavitt, One of the sons of John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell Leavitt and a member of the Seventh generation of the descendents of John Deacon Leavitt, who was the first Leavitt to arrive in North America in 1628.


Story of Deacon Leavitt (Fictional)


This is a fictional account of Deacon John Leavitt written by John Michael Leavitt (10th Generation) which is a letter written by Deacon John Leavitt to his future descendants. Based on historical facts available.


Wikipedia Page on Levett


Great webpage showing the history of the Levett Name with plenty of links. On the whole it appears fairly accurate.


Relationship Chart by Family Tree Magazine showing how you relate to other Leavitt family members


Tribute to John Leavitt (6th Generation) and to his daughter Cinderilla and grandsons Horace Brown and Barney Alfred Brown


This was a talk presented by Janese Christensen, that was given September 15, 2003 to members of Western Association of Leavitt Family Legacy Trip.


Along the Trail, A History of the John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell Family


This is the most accurate account of the John and Lucy Leavitt family written by two great great granddaughters Joyce Brown- Willis and Janice Brown - Hollingshaus.



Grandma Linda's Recipes

This is an excellent recipes site of my wife Linda Leavitt. Thanks for your support.


Christopher Levett of York's Book


This link includes the entire text of Christopher Levett's book "A Voyage into New England, Begun in 1623 and Ended in 1624" plus additional information.




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